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  • The Bioenergy Code

    This energy is what empowers us to live our best lives.
    But when this energy gets blocked because of traumatic events, painful experiences, disappointments, and setbacks…

    We can?t manifest the life we truly want.

    It?s a phenomenon called ?Blocked BioEnergy.?

    It?s like a stream of interconnecting pools.

    When leaves, branches, and sticks clutter the stream connecting the pools, the flow is choked off…

    And everything we want, need, and deserve… can?t flow to us.

    It made all the sense in the world why I had manifested everything I didn?t want and nothing I did.

    I felt a huge weight of responsibility lift off my shoulders!

    In that moment I felt freer than I had in years.

    But then it hit me…

    Just because I knew what was blocking me from manifesting the life of my dreams…

    Didn?t mean I knew how to UNBLOCK it!

    The Bioenergy Code


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